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Expert partners
Through the years, our firm has developed many different ways of doing things in industrial marketing. At the same time, we acquired experience and knowledge in over 18 different business sectors. We have also collaborated with various high-level consultants outside our firm, each having their very own specialty. We formed an alliance with these expert-partners in projects that are related to their particular field of expertise.

Bernard Belzile
Bernard Belzile is an agrologist and agri-economist that has acquired, through a career of over 30 years, extensive experience in Quebec's farming industry, its institutions and socio-economic development. In addition to being at the head of the Fédération des syndicats de gestion agricole (now called Fédération des groupes conseils agricoles) for more than 20 years, he has completed a great number of economic research projects and studies in sectors including that of vice-president, market and technology development, the dairy, beef, poultry, grain, vegetable and potato industries, etc. His work also brought him experience in the international development arena during a grain marketing project in Mali.

Léo Fradette
Léo Fradette has a Master's degree in urban management and analysis from Quebec's National School of Public Administration (ÉNAP - École nationale d'administration publique). He holds an advanced graduate diploma in international administration also from ÉNAP, as well as a B.A. in Public Administration and in Canadian Politics from the University of Ottawa.

As a specialist in waste management, he has held many positions within the public corporation Recyc-Québec, including vice-president, market and technology development as well as municipal relations. He is currently a consultant for various businesses and municipal organizations.

Yves Lasnier
Transport / Mining and metals / Industrial chemistry
Yves Lasnier has a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a Master's in Business Administration. He has vast experience in financing large investment projects in various strategic sectors of the economy. In terms of future prospects and setting up new projects that are done in partnership, his considerable knowhow is held in high regard. He has held the positions of vice-president and director of business development at SGF Minéral, where he acquired extensive expertise in development activities. Including performing these feasability studies, negociating trade agreements and legal agreements, as well as in equity investments and the start-up of new businesses. Through the years, he has developed a great ability in finding innovative solutions to very specific needs and in contributing to the organizations' strategic long-term development.

Éric Tessier
Eric Tessier has a Bachelor of law degree and is a graduate from the Association des maisons de commerce extérieur du Québec (Quebec's International Trading Houses Association). His professional training has enabled him to lead, for the last 12 years, many different international trading projects and to provide great advice to a large number of organizations about how they should develop their exports. First, as president of an international trading house. Éric Tessier has also provided consulting services and training services in international trading. In addition, he held the position of General Director and Export Commissioner for both Exportation Richelieu Yamaska and Service d'exportation Montérégie Est. He has also taken on the lead as head of many international trade missions and of various programs for hosting and identifying commercial partners.
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