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Jean-Jacques Guilbault,
Founding president

Jean-Jacques is seen by all that know him as a very perceptive person who has an outstanding aptitude for synthesizing information, a quality who is an absolute must in any marketing process. In addition, he is a man of action and a great sense of determination. Barely out of University with his Master's degree in marketing, Jean-Jacques began his career in the family business, a discount pharmacy with over 40 employees. He was in charge of all marketing activities, and procurement, as well as designs and implementing management systems.

In 1982, Jean-Jacques joined Les Pharmacies Universelles Ltée, a major Canadian pharmaceutical wholesaler. Within a period of four years, he created a network of four different banners (Santé Services, Clinique Santé, Obonsoins and Promotions Personnalisées) with a total of 550 members. Due to their innovativeness, two of these concepts have gained recognition not only at the Canadian level, but at the North American level as well.

In 1987, he became CEO of Yves Rocher Canada, a subsidiary of France's largest cosmetics franchisor. While he was in office, the number of stores increased from a mere six to a total of 21 and included three pilot test stores in the U.S.

His attraction in becoming an entrepreneur then led Jean-Jacques to turn towards consulting and so 1988, he started his own consulting firm. He quickly established industrial marketing as the firm's specialty. To this day, this strategist and industrial marketing specialist has participated in over 350 different projects for various Quebec SMEs and large companies. His goal is that the information he provides his clients be reliable and that every project or plan of action he develops be both realistic and operational as quickly as is possible.
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